Public Footpath Improvements

Bridgewater Way Footpath Improvements
Trafford MBC

Value: 26,000

Duration: June - July 2008

Widening and improvement of existing footpath including surfacing, erection of K barrier and installation of stone drainage channels.

Public Footpaths 2008
Trafford MBC

Value: 26,000

Duration: January - December 2008

Refurbishment of various public footpaths throughout the Borough including clearing of vegetation, resurfacing and the erection of new signs and guard rails.

Public Footpaths 2007
Trafford MBC

Value: 5,000

Duration: March - April 2007

Repairs to and removal of hazards on various footpaths throughout Trafford MBC.

Osborne Walk
Bury MBC

Value: 10,000

Duration: February 2007

Construction of ramp and installation of fencing, kissing gates and rambler gates.

Cow Lane
Trafford MBC

Value: 8,000

Duration: November 2006

Construction works to existing footpath including the installation of a kissing gate and horse stile.