Traffic Calming

Curzon Circle
Trafford MBC

Value: 27,000

Duration: July - August 2008

Construction of buildouts including flagging, kerbing, drainage, surfacing and erection of guard railing and bollards.

Local Safety and Environmental Traffic Calming Schemes 07/08
Bury MBC

Value: 153,000

Duration: March - June 2008

Installation of traffic calming measures at various locations throughout the Borough including construction of pedestrian refuges and buildouts, the erection of street lighting, illuminated signs and guardrails involving ducting, drainage, kerbing, flagging and carriageway and footway surfacing.

Navigation Road and Stamford Park Road
Trafford MBC

Value: 9,000

Duration: October 2007

Traffic calming schemes involving the construction of round top road humps and speed cushions and the erection of associated signage.

Local Safety and Environmental Traffic Calming Schemes 06/07
Bury MBC

Value: 97,000

Duration: March - May 2007

Construction of pedestrian refuges with associated road markings including textured surfacing, kerbing, drainage, signage and the erection of guardrails.

Flixton Village Traffic Calming
Trafford MBC

Value: 26,000

Duration: February - March 2007

Civils works associated with new puffin crossing including kerbing, flagging and surfacing to buildouts.

Victoria Park Area, Stretford
Trafford MBC

Value: 96,000

Duration: January February 2007

Installation of speed humps and speed tables in association with a 20 mph zone in a residential area with some works in close proximity to schools.

Alkrington Garden Village Traffic Calming
Rochdale MBC

Value: 157,000

Duration: October 2005 February 2006

Construction of round top road humps and flat top plateaus including all associated surfacing, drainage and white lining.